TIF is being organized by two leading and seasoned experts in the global payments/transaction space. In an environment where the main asset in payments is regarded in the ‘data’ and technology supports real-time instant settlements, big shifts are seen in ‘financial logistics’, globally. We will face a new reality in the way we transact, the identity of things, the management of data and how we cooperate as trading parties.
Our ambition is to exchange these essential developments jointly with the global best-practices and secure the best ‘learning curve’ for our delegates attending.

Debating and sharing the lessons learned amongst professionals in the field, will speed up next steps in securing up-to-date infrastructures, adequate cash- & treasury management, optimal risk management and fastest payments/settlement. We foresee more dynamic interaction between corporates and with the financial services industry.
We are dedicated to create this platform, this Forum, and are very much looking forward to our start in Tokyo.

We welcome you to participate!

Michael Salmony
Harry Smorenberg