Excellence in TIF Innovation Awards 2021

At the Transaction Innovation Forum we will recognize new and innovative solutions in corporate transaction banking, trade & financial logistics and cash- & treasury management that secure immediate friction-free transacting for all stakeholders in the value chain involved. With the increasing advancements in digitization, machine learning/AI, cloud, and other emerging technologies such as DLT, the traditional business ecosystem is continually evolving and changing. These technologies are both enablers and disrupters; offering new business perspectives and new positioning in the market.

Also charging for simply processing payments seems like a declining business model, and there are risks for traditional players that alternative payment consortia could remove the banks business from key finance flows. Both (corporate) payments and trade are being disrupted. Yet transaction bankers have a wealth of deep industry expertise. How does that expertise translate into a new viable business model; inside or outside the banks?

Together with our media partners, the TIF Innovation Awards 2021 will recognize new, innovative and cost-effective solutions in the B2B transaction space at our inaugural TIF Forum program in November 2021, Tokyo.

If you have an innovative and outstanding solution in one of these categories, we welcome you to apply and participate for a chance to win this prestigious industry award!

  • Digital Treasury
    Solutions for working capital, cash forecasting, fraud detection, KYC, tokenization, SME solutions, foreign exchange
  • Corporate Banking
    Solutions for digital identity and KYC, trade finance, supply chain finance, risk management, reporting
  • Corporate Payments
    Solutions for online payments and processing, billing/invoices/acceptances, faster payments systems, correspondent banking, cross-border payments

For each category we invite new initiatives to enroll. Through our apply button you can send us brief information of your specific solutions, the status, implementation details and success factors.

Applications are welcome until 10 September 2021. Per category the jury will nominate 5 candidates and communicate this through our media. All 15 nominees are welcome to join TIF 2021 (one free ticket per nominee will be offered) as we plan our Awards ceremony during our TIF program on 11 November 2021.

Per category the Jury will select the top-2 winners. For these winners we will provide space to do brief presentation during our program.

Special Personal Excellence Award:

Most Innovative Treasurer 2021

Next to the above categories we like to recognize the Most Innovative Treasurer. He or she will have done an outstanding job by initiating and implementing new technologies and improving the efficiency of their cash- & treasury operations considerably. This will be a personal award. We call out for candidates via our form and our Jury will also select the 2021 winner in this category from all applications.

About the Awards:

The application is free, and if you are selected as a nominee, you will receive:

  • A feature on TIF website and conference in front of peers

  • Social media promotion to our networks (TIF & Media Partners)

If you emerge as the jury vote winner, you will receive:

  • Recognition and a TIF Award at the TIF Forum (attended by 200+ delegates)
  • Opportunity to present briefly at TIF during the TIF conference program
  • Interview opportunity with media partners
  • One complimentary pass to TIF 2022 program

(Deadline for entries: 10 September 2021)

Our 2021 Experts Jury Panel

The TIF-DigFin Award Jury will consist of key independent and objective experts in the field including:

Jame DiBiasio

Chairman of the Jury
Founder and editor of DigFin, HongKong

Dimitrios Salampasis

Director, Master of Financial Technologies (MFinTech) at Swinburne University, Melbourne

Liz Oakes

Liz Oakes is EVP Market Development of New Payment Platforms at Mastercard, London

Michael Salmony

Executive Adviser to the Board at equensWorldline SE, Frankfurt

Michael Moon

Managing Director, Payments, Trade & Communications, Asia Pacific at SWIFT

John Ryan

Director General at Emerging Payments Association Asia, Sydney, Australia

Takeshi Kito

Vice-Chairman, Fintech Association Japan, Tokyo

Samantha Pelosi

SVP BAFT Payments and Innovations, USA

Most Innovative Treasurer (personal award)

Enroll your suggested candidate:


For contact and information: info@transactioninnovationforum.com